Online-Verhandlungen führen
macrolearningOnline Negotiations
Online NegotiationsOnline NegotiationsOnline NegotiationsOnline Negotiations
More and more sales negotiations are being conducted online. This has many advantages, but also creates challenges. This e⁠-⁠training course, designed for experienced sales managers and sales professionals, deals specifically with the characteristic features of online negotiations. How can you succeed in building good relationships with your negotiating partners? How do you utilize the most constructive communication possible in online negotiations? And how do you resolve difficult situations? This e⁠-⁠training course provides answers to these questions and shows you how you can use professional online negotiations to intelligently and profitably expand your repertoire as a negotiation expert.
Schwierige Verhandlungen führen
macrolearningDifficult Negotiations
Difficult NegotiationsDifficult NegotiationsDifficult NegotiationsDifficult Negotiations
Negotiations do not always follow the same pattern. There are negotiating partners* who can make life difficult for you and can present you with real challenges in a negotiation. In this e⁠-⁠training you will learn the most important tools to keep the upper hand even in difficult negotiations. How do you deal with conflicting interests? How do you manage to get a stalled negotiation going again? How do you confidently defend yourself against attacks and not be distracted from your negotiation goal? E⁠-⁠training provides well-founded answers to these questions. It shows you how to achieve successful results even in complex negotiations through efficient preparation.
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macrolearningBasics of Negotiations
Basics of NegotiationsBasics of NegotiationsBasics of NegotiationsBasics of Negotiations
Successful negotiations are not based on luck, but on learned skills. This e⁠-⁠training introduces the most important tools needed to conduct successful negotiations. How to strengthen the match basis and to enter a negotiation well prepared? How do you know when to continue a negotiation or when to stop? How do you unerringly present your offer to your negotiating partner and argue the benefits of your product? The e⁠-⁠training provides sound answers to these questions. It shows you how you can successfully conclude your next negotiation through efficient preparation and targeted benefit argumentation. 
Netiquette beachten und online gut auftreten
microlearningPractice Netiquette and Have a Good Online Presence
Practice Netiquette and Have a Good Online Presence
Netiquette means acting politely and respectfully in a virtual setting. This will help you create a positive and professional atmosphere that will make your negotiation a success.
Das Harvard-Konzept
microlearningThe Harvard Concept
The Harvard Concept
With the four principles of the Harvard concept, you will achieve win-win solutions in negotiations and conflicts.