Long-lasting learning with more diversity and personality. PINKTUM PROFILE helps address individual learning needs. Interested individuals can use the online-based tool to analyze their strengths and unused potential. The result is a report of suitable e⁠-⁠training courses for personal development.

Get personalized learning recommendations for individual skill development in just 5 minutes

Personal analysis and discovery of unconscious personality traits

PINKTUM PROFILE is an online-based tool to analyze personal competencies and unconscious personality traits. Developed with scientific methods by our learning experts, PINKTUM Profile is different from a classic, question-based personality test.

Discover your personal style in just 5 minutes with 43 images

Science can also lead to astonishing insights quickly and intuitively. To generate a personal profile report, you only need to classify 43 graphical images. It takes no more than 5 minutes, I promise! Follow your own intuition when classifying the illustrations.
Profile Grafiken Blume

An individualized learning profile for you and your employees

Fast, simple and precise. You can rely on PINKTUM PROFILE! Eight facets of personal style map the individual profile. The profile is based on the intuitive evaluation of the illustrations and a subsequent rating of each facet's expression.
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Companies and employees alike benefit from PINKTUM PROFILE

Plenty of added value with little investment. PINKTUM PROFILE sets a standard in digital personnel development. Personal reports and learning recommendations are completely confidential and can be viewed in compliance with data protection laws. The administration has access to anonymized overall evaluations of the PINKTUM PROFILE users in the company. This is an excellent added value for all those involved, enabling them to respond to training needs in the best possible way.

Worldwide availability

As a digital application, PINKTUM PROFILE can be used by all interested people worldwide, regardless of time or place. In addition to German and English, other language versions will be available shortly.

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