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PINKTUM regularly goes live for you. The PINKTUM Talk webinar series brings you up close and personal with our experts in digital personnel development. Enjoy an opinionated deep dive from different perspectives, as well as future outlooks and guiding thoughts for inspiration. Watch these insights on demand via our recordings, or we will see you live at the next PINKTUM Talk.

Harnessing Digital Tools for Skills Development

Discover how digital tools can support skills development throughout the lifespan
Duration: 55 minutes

The infamous hybrid workplace

How you as a leader can best shape your new reality.
Duration: 53 minutes
KI und E-Learning

AI and E-Learning

A Perfect Match?
Duration: 50 minutes
PINKTUM Talk Psychologie und E-Learning

Connecting E-Learning with Psychology

Deep dive into the world of psychology and E-Learning
Duration: 50 minutes
PINKTUM Talk Winning Strategies

Unlocking Winning Strategies

Exploring Neuropsychology and Sport
Duration: 55 minutes