PINKTUM Macrolearning

Intensive competence development and sustainable learning through classic e⁠-⁠learning. PINKTUM Macrolearning offers digital further development at the highest level. The concept is designed as an intensive course with interactive learning elements, accompanying moderation and a deepening self-learning phase. Our Macrolearnings adapt to your time requirements and can be paused, repeated or reflected on at any time. As part of the PINKTUM Learning Journey, Macrolearning can be combined as a holistic learning experience with suitable compact Microlearnings.

Macrolearning offers intensive digital soft skills development. Innovative learning modules and multimedia elements create an authentic environment for future-oriented personnel development.

Professional moderators

Professional facilitators support learners throughout the e⁠-⁠learning process. They provide orientation and motivation.

Enacted scenes

Problems are shown in enacted scenes, and possible solutions are presented in an authentic manner. Participants can reflect on their own behavior and receive concrete options for action.

Animated illustrative videos

Our animations convey complex facts, theories and models in a comprehensible and memorable way.

Transfer tasks

We focus on sustainable learning. The transfer tasks actively encourage reflection on a person's role, and automatically link what has been learned with everyday work. In this way, what has been learned can be directly incorporated into an employee's daily working life.

Learning questions and knowledge check

Use our self-assessment to test and identify any gaps in your knowledge.

Takeaways, checklists, and more

Review what you've learned with numerous checklists and guides, and integrate your new skills in your everyday work.
Accessibility for all users
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