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Total time 60 minutes

More and more sales negotiations are being conducted online. This has many advantages, but also creates challenges. This e⁠-⁠training course, designed for experienced sales managers and sales professionals, deals specifically with the characteristic features of online negotiations. How can you succeed in building good relationships with your negotiating partners? How do you utilize the most constructive communication possible in online negotiations? And how do you resolve difficult situations? This e⁠-⁠training course provides answers to these questions and shows you how you can use professional online negotiations to intelligently and profitably expand your repertoire as a negotiation expert.


Target group

Experienced sales managers and sales professionals

Learning objectives

  • Understanding how online negotiations differ from face-to-face negotiations

  • Preparing for an online negotiation

  • Bulding relationships online with your negotiating partner

  • Knowing what you must keep in mind during an online negotiation

  • Managaing difficult situations in online negotiations

  • Communicating and delivering presentations effectively, even in online negotiations.


Giving convincing presentations
Focusing on customer satisfaction
Asserting yourself
Making yourself clear

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