Digital devices and the internet generate huge amounts of data. Companies can use this data to better align their products and services with the market and their customers. Big data can thus make a decisive contribution to the success of a company.


Are you often distracted while studying, unable to concentrate and unable to sustainably retain what you are learning? Do your employees want to learn effectively, but they don't know how to recollect what they have learned? Then you've come to the right place.


Agility is the ability to adapt quickly to change. Agile working is increasingly on the agenda of many companies. Both employees and managers should be appropriately skilled in agile working.


Interactive content and a personalized offer: The success of digital employee development lies in its quality.

Design Thinking in der Praxis

Innovative products, services and business models: Companies need new ideas all the time. What products do our customers want? What do they expect from our service? How can we hold our own in the market? Creative solutions can be developed with ease using design thinking.


What are soft skills and why are they, together with generic skills, considered as key factors for competitiveness and effective measures against the shortage of skilled workers?

If your customers feel well looked after, they will remain loyal to your company in the long term. How does it work? With strategic sales (key account management)!


Old but Gold: The phone is one of the most important tools for customer communication. Whether in sales or customer service—in addition to e⁠-⁠mails, chats and social media, many companies continue to rely on traditional telephone conversations with customers.

Networking plays an important role for individuals as well as companies. Those who network well also know that networking is a fun task, but one that never ends.

Besides advantages such as a better work-life balance, more free time and increased productivity, there are also some challenges when working from home.

Femaler Leader Head

The Female Leadership Dilemma. Between Conflict of Roles and Stereotypes.


Lateral leadership is used to motivate employees to achieve a common goal under the guidance of the manager - without any disciplinary management responsibility.

At the end of the year, performance reviews are on the agenda in most companies. Some of us have had unpleasant experiences. Performance reviews are therefore often accompanied by mixed feelings.

Argumentation and persuasion: six recommendations for your argumentation + whitepaper for download: the Five-Sentence Technique.

Do you want to lead a hybrid team and maintain its sense of teamwork? It is less difficult than it sounds! Here is what you should be on the lookout for.