Health is not a leisure activity, it is a full-time job! Learn how to take care of yourself at work in this blog post. Discover delicious and healthy snacks, tips for a better work-life balance, and how "healthy leadership" can help you stay on top of your game every day. How to stay healthy at work and beyond!


The AI revolution is in full swing and will probably not stop at your job. But don't be afraid - we'll show you which soft skills you can hone so that you can benefit from AI in the future!


E⁠-⁠learning dominates the field of professional development and will continue to play a central role in the future. The content and technologies are continually getting better and more sophisticated. But companies often overlook one crucial factor when introducing e⁠-⁠learning: the learners themselves! Here, we show why it's important to put learners first and how to create a learning culture where learning is valued, encouraged, and guided.


In just one decade, the number of absences due to mental illness has nearly doubled. Do you also often feel stressed or even on the verge of burnout? Find out what exactly is behind this phenomenon, what warning signs you should not overlook and how you can effectively help your psyche.


Do you underestimate the power of praise? You're not alone, many leaders feel this way, but there are many benefits to praise and appreciation. Here's how to praise effectively, show appreciation, and take compliments with style.


: Lean management means streamlined processes and increased value. With the right tools, all employees and managers can contribute. The first step is to look for and identify waste. The next step is to eliminate all activities that do not add value. The methods and tools you can use to help your team work as "lean" as possible are the subject of this article.


"Sustainability" is probably one of the biggest buzzwords of the 21st century. Not only in the private, but also in the corporate context, it has become increasingly important to deal with this topic. Here you will learn what sustainability means, why sustainability is important, what models of sustainability there are, how you can act more sustainably in everyday life and in the office, and how sustainability can also be practiced in companies.


Employee turnover and employee retention are two sides of the same coin. High employee retention ensures low turnover, while high turnover implies low employee loyalty! If you want to retain employees, you have to deal with their wishes, needs and motivations. It is also important to understand the following: What are the types of turnover and what is a normal turnover rate? What motivates employees to change jobs or to stay?


Wherever people meet, conflicts arise—in every organization. It is inevitable. However, conflicts can have serious consequences if left unresolved: The number of sick days increases, productivity suffers and eventually the company suffers financial damage. To make matters worse, valuable employees leave the company due to the poor working atmosphere. The employer image suffers. So there are many reasons to address conflicts at an early stage so that, if possible, damage does not occur in the first place. But what exactly is a conflict?


AI ethics for personalized learning. This is how we use artificial intelligence and data in line with societal values & norms.

Leidenschaft gezielt im Job nutzen

According to happiness research in modern positive psychology, a deeper sense of meaning—a purpose—is one of the most important sources of a satisfying, fulfilling life. Purpose comes from using your strengths and character traits to achieve a higher purpose. In this article, we will explore what this means, how you can develop your own purpose, and how passion and purpose interact.

Interkulturelle Teams – Kommunikation mit Kolleg:innen aus anderen Kulturen

Risk-takers, emotional, reserved—each person has a unique personality. Your employees are characterized by different traits and needs. This type of diversity is an asset to your team. At the same time, it presents you with challenges as a leader: How do you best handle different types of employees?

Online Verhandlungen führen lernen trotz einer Hürden und Herausforderungen

Using traditional e⁠-⁠training, called PINKTUM Macrolearning, you can improve knowledge in various subject areas in a relevant and practice-oriented way. Combined with PINKTUM know-how Microlearning, you can refresh your knowledge. In this article we show you how PINKTUM Microlearning Challenges go one step further toward practical orientation and support you in solving real-life, urgent problems in everyday work.


With PINKTUM's microlearning know-how, you can refresh your knowledge on a specific topic very quickly with pinpoint accuracy. The short videos are only two to four minutes long and provide you with the overview of a particular method, conversation technique or approach. The aim is to repeat and consolidate the knowledge you have already acquired in one of our classic e⁠-⁠trainings, known as macrolearnings.


Microlearnings are on everyone's lips. Practical "morsels" for fast knowledge transfer. But the classic "Macrolearnings" also have a lot to offer. We will explain the difference between Microlearning and Macrolearning, what they can do for you, and when which one is best for you!