Customer-Oriented Communication on the Phone

Kundenorientierte Kommunikation am Telefon
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Total time 80 minutes

Phone calls are old-fashioned you say? On the contrary! Phone calls still play a central role in communicating with customers in sales and customer service. But how do you convincingly address clients on the phone? And how do you professionally conduct a telephone conversation? It takes practice. This e⁠-⁠training course covers how to use your voice skillfully, how to prepare for customer phone calls and how to navigate through phone conversations in a structured manner. You will also learn how to respond effectively to complaints along with tricks that will give your phone communication skills a competitive edge. This is how you build up a good rapport with your conversation partners!


Target group

Sales staff who are new to telephone sales; Other sales staff (e.g. office staff) who would like to be more confident during phone calls with customers; Employees who work in telephone customer service for external and internal customers who want to feel more confident on the phone; Call center agents with little work experience

Learning objectives

  • Understanding common challenges during customer contact on the phone

  • Using your own voice convincingly and authentically

  • Planning and preparing for customer phone calls

  • Leading through customer phone conversations professionally

  • Confidently handling complaint calls

  • Using techniques to be more persuasive on the phone


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Getting a grip
Providing clarity
Asserting yourself
Focusing on customer satisfaction

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