Strategic Sales—Basics of Strategic Sales

Strategisches Verkaufen – Grundlagen des strategischen Vertriebs
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Total time 60 minutes

Today, salespeople need to know more than just their product or service: they require knowledge beyond just their competitors and customers or to be able to conduct a proper sales conversation. Above all, salespersons must approach their key customers strategically and build a strategic customer relationship with them. This e⁠-⁠training course covers why a strategic approach is more important today than ever. You will learn what strategic sales is all about. In addition, you will discover in which situations and with which customers strategic sales makes sense and finally what mindset and which skills are required for this.


Target group

  • Salespersons who are responsible for the development of strategically important customers

  • Salespersons who want to build a better relationship with their customers

  • Salespersons who want to sell effectively and efficiently

Learning objectives

  • Understanding the importance and content of strategic sales

  • Being able to use strategic approaches in a meaningful way

  • Knowing and mastering basic competencies and personal skills for strategic sales


Focusing on customer satisfaction
Analyzing situations
Thinking strategically
Developing strategies
Entrepreneurial thinking

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