Conducting difficult negotiations with clients in a professional manner

Schwierige Verhandlungen mit Kundinnen und Kunden professionell führen
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Total time 60 minutes

Particularly in difficult negotiating situations, it is essential to act in a confident and customer-oriented manner. This e⁠-⁠training explains how to create a win-win situation for both sides of the negotiation and give new impetus to faltering negotiations. Participants learn how to manoeuvre their way out of deadlocks, fend off attacks and professionally resolve power plays in order to re-establish a productive dialogue with the clientele.


Target group

  • Intermediaries and advisors who are active in the distribution of insurance products and employees who assist in brokering or advising on insurance products.

Learning objectives

  • Solution-oriented negotiation based on the Harvard concept

  • Getting stalled negotiations back on track

  • Recognising negotiation games and resolving them in a customer-oriented way

  • Finding the way back to the matter at hand even in difficult conversations


Being bold
Asserting yourself
Making yourself clear
Informing others
Developing strategies
Giving convincing presentations

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