Unleashing bonding forces - High-performance teams for customer-oriented insurance consulting

Bindungskräfte entfalten – Leistungsstarke Teams für die kundenorientierte Versicherungsberatung
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Total time 70 minutes

The retention of one's own employees contributes significantly to the company's success. In this e⁠-⁠training, managers from the insurance industry learn how to successfully retain their employees in order to ensure a high quality of customer advice and service in their team in the long term. The six retention factors of work pride, flexibility, team reference, appreciation, mission and development are presented, paired with tips on how to implement them in everyday leadership. At the end of the course, group dynamic processes in the context of employee retention are addressed.


Learning objectives

  • Understand the economic, strategic and human need for cohesion in the insurance industry

  • Recognising the central role of leadership for employee retention in the insurance company

  • Emphasise what is important to employees so that they feel committed and can thus provide high quality customer advice

  • Enable employees to take pride in the results of their own counselling work and secure career prospects that are in the interest of both employees and clients.

  • Establish an appreciative approach and honest praise and recognition in one's own team

  • Formulate a shared customer-centric business vision and invest in the people in your insurance company, not just their function

  • Understand that too much attachment can lead to conformity and groupthink, which could make innovation difficult for successful long-term client counselling


Appreciating colleagues
Setting an example
Accepting responsibility
Wanting to learn
Being self-critical
Building trust
Communicating your vision

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