Actively reduce fluctuation - Satisfied teams for customer-oriented insurance consulting

Fluktuation aktiv senken – Zufriedene Teams für die kundenorientierte Versicherungsberatung
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Total time 60 minutes

A high turnover in the insurance company can affect customer service, as insurance customers are constantly being served by different contact persons and important processes may not run smoothly. It is therefore important to actively reduce turnover. In this e⁠-⁠training, managers learn about the types of and reasons for staff turnover. They learn how to prevent the departure of high-performing employees. Measures for recruiting and onboarding, for a good working atmosphere, for attractive benefits and motivators, for personnel development and for a meaningful mission of the company are suggested. There are also tips for professional exit interviews.


Learning objectives

  • Understand what types of turnover there are and what reasons cause employees to leave.

  • Fill positions sensibly, train employees well, keep an eye on their well-being and recognise warning signs in order to be able to ensure a high quality of advice for insurance clients through a satisfied team that is willing to perform.

  • Know incentives for employees in the insurance company and offer appropriate benefits

  • Individually promote and motivate employees in the sense of a long-term profitable, customer-oriented working atmosphere

  • Giving meaning to the work as well as exemplifying and helping to shape the vision and mission of the insurance company

  • Saying goodbye to employees appropriately and setting the course for a possible reunion


Motivating employees
Gaining employees
Appreciating colleagues
Building trust
Communicating your vision

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