Successfully Structuring Team Development

Teamentwicklung erfolgreich gestalten
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Leading teams


Total time 60 minutes

learning format


In this e⁠-⁠learning course, the participants acquire the basics for their job as team leaders. They learn to set attractive, achievable and accepted team goals to motivate their team in the long run. They learn how to ensure a clear distribution of tasks within their team and how to agree on and implement goal-oriented rules. Furthermore, the e⁠-⁠learning includes measures to promote constructive communication. And it shows the participants how they can use simple means to sustainably promote trust and cohesion in their team.

What is a macrolearning?

Comprehensive soft skills training for in-depth personal development. Macrolearning is a classic elearning course with a completion time of approximately 50 minutes. As a particularly intensive formof digital development, macrolearning promotes soft skills and sharpens personal profiles. For aholistic learning journey, PINKTUM Macrolearnings can also be combined with suitable compactMicrolearnings.


Target group

  • Employees who lead agile and/or virtual project teams

  • junior managers who are new to their management roles

Learning objectives

  • Setting motivating goals

  • clearly setting task assignments

  • promoting constructive communication

  • building trust and promoting a feeling of togetherness


Supporting employees
Being reliable
Managing teams
Agreeing on goals
Motivating employees
Taking on responsibility

Authoring tool



Animated illustrative videos
Enacted scenes
Transfer tasks
Key messages
Knowledge Check
Interactive elements
Moderated video lectures
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