The Harvard Approach to Conflict Management 

Konfliktlösung unter Kolleg:innen nach dem Harvard Konzept
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Conflict management


Total time 50 minutes

The Harvard Concept is considered one of the most important methods of conflict resolution. Its core principles, such as distinguishing between interests and positions, are the basis for mediation and conflict resolution around the world. In this e⁠-⁠learning course, participants will learn how to apply the Harvard Concept to the challenges they face in their work. They will learn the key guidelines and be encouraged to apply the Harvard concept and in this way strive for win-win solutions. 

Target group

junior managers; Employees who frequently work in teams; junior managers; employees with an acute need; all employees who would like to establish appreciative communication ; employees with an acute need; all employees who would like to establish appreciative communication

Learning objectives

  • Being able to apply the principles of appropriate action in a professional context

  • Being able to distinguish between interests and positions

  • Being able to creatively resolve conflicts and problems

  • Resolving disagreements in a constructive and appreciative manner


Analyzing situations
Acting fairly and with integrity
Resolving conflicts
Getting a grip
Working in a team
Showing caution

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Key messages
Moderated video lectures
Animated illustrative videos
Interactive elements
Enacted scenes
Knowledge Check
Transfer tasks
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