Basics of Communication

Grundlagen der Kommunikation nach Schulz von Thun
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Total time 50 minutes

Using Friedemann Schulz von Thun's "4⁠-⁠ears-model", the participants are made aware of the complex process of communication. They get to know and understand their personal communication behavior better. The participants also get to know "their" preferred ear. They learn to understand which messages they often send unconsciously. The training course encourages the participants to transfer the acquired knowledge into action competence.


Target group

  • Employees who work in fields with communicative demands

  • young management employees who you wish to prepare for their future tasks

  • experienced managers who want to gain a better understanding of communication

Learning objectives

  • Knowing the different levels of communication and make use of them to communicate successfully

  • Recognizing which messages are being conveyed below the factual level of the communication, using Friedemann Schulz von Thun's "Four Sides Model“

  • Knowing your own listening and speaking behavior

  • Being able to communicate effectively and reduce inefficiencies caused by unclear speaking and inattentive listening


Working in a team
Working within a network

Authoring tool



Moderated video lectures
Interactive elements
Enacted scenes
Knowledge Check
Transfer tasks
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