How to be Convincing – Online and in Person 


When was the last time you were really convinced or even thrilled by someone’s appearance? Think about it for a moment: What exactly convinced you? Was it the content of the argument or also the person’s voice, speech or body language? Chances are, it was a good mix of all the above, because studies have shown that a convincing performance requires both content and personal persuasiveness. It will probably have been a good mix of everything, because according to studies, a convincing performance requires both content and personal persuasiveness! In this e⁠-⁠training you will learn how to use your voice, your language or even your body language and your interactive behavior and improve your personal persuasiveness. Let us convince you! 

What is a macrolearning?

Comprehensive soft skills training for in-depth personal development. Macrolearning is a classic elearning course with a completion time of approximately 50 minutes. As a particularly intensive formof digital development, macrolearning promotes soft skills and sharpens personal profiles. For aholistic learning journey, PINKTUM Macrolearnings can also be combined with suitable compactMicrolearnings.


Target group

  • employees who want to convince their managers of an idea

  • all employees from all areas and levels of a company who want to present themselves convincingly in both analog and digital form in the future

  • managers who want to get their team in the mood for a challenging project

  • Sales employees who want to help their customers close deals

Learning objectives

  • Recognizing that the content of arguments alone is not enough to be persuasive

  • Realizing that good preparation has a great impact on self-confidence and persuasiveness

  • Successfully applying the rules for descriptive and understandable language

  • Learning to use figurative language to create mental cinema in their counterparts

  • Being able to regulate one’s personal stress level to a medium level in order to be able to convince

  • Keeping an eye on and controlling one’s inner and outer attitudes

  • Being able to apply the appropriate strategy for the respective situation in order to master interruptions and blackouts


Analyzing situations
Giving convincing presentations
Informing others
Making yourself clear
Countering objections
Asserting yourself
Arguing benefits
Providing clarity

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Interactive elements
Enacted scenes
Transfer tasks
Animated illustrative videos
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