Making Initial Contact

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Total time 50 minutes

Effective and efficient work brings the highest possible return with the relatively low investment. This is very important for customer acquisition. After all, it is important to find out exactly the right ones among the thousands of possible customers and to make the best possible initial contact. Research tools help the participants to assess customer potential and to address them in a targeted manner. There are also effective methods for identifying potential customers. This is precisely where this online training comes in: participants learn how to prepare precisely for future customers using the "elevator pitch" method.


Target group

Salespeople; field sales representatives; sales staff; inside sales; key account managers

Learning objectives

  • Recognizing and using opportunities to make contacts to potential customers

  • systematically expanding your customer network

  • quickly identifying potential customers

  • using research tools

  • working effectively and efficiently thanks to good preparation

  • using the elevator pitch as a method for customer acquisition

  • Mastering the basic rules for the right appearance and behavior in front of customers


Representing the company
Making initial contact
Giving convincing presentations
Informing others
Entrepreneurial thinking

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