Identifying Needs

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Total time 60 minutes

Needs analysis forms the basis for every sales talk. In order to determine the demand, knowledge of the different questioning techniques is important. This is exactly where this online training comes in. The focus is on the PPF method. It is easy to learn and very effective. After asking questions about the present, the salesperson asks the customer questions about the past, and then uses future questions to further specify the need.

Target group

Salespeople; field sales representatives; sales staff, inside sales; key account managers

Learning objectives

  • Learning how important identifying needs is for the sales process

  • Determining customer needs in a targeted manner

  • Categorizing questions and learning how to use them to determine requirements

  • Identifying requirements that are individually tailored to a specific practice

  • Understanding customer needs through active listening


Analyzing situations
Providing clarity
Focusing on customer satisfaction
Showing caution
Identifying needs

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Key messages
Animated illustrative videos
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Interactive elements
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