Sieben Arten der Verschwendung
microlearningSeven Types of Waste
Seven Types of Waste
Want to save time and money in your production and administrative processes? Here we show you how to use TIMWOOD to search for possible resource hogs.
Wertstrom verschlanken mit Line Balancing
microlearningUse Line Balancing to Streamline the Value Stream
Use Line Balancing to Streamline the Value Stream
Line balancing literally balances your production line. Here you will learn how to use it to align the times of all workstations in the process with the customer cycle to be achieved.
Prozesse visualisieren mit Kanban
microlearningVisualize Processes with Kanban
Visualize Processes with Kanban
Make processes and responsibilities transparent with Kanban. Learn how to use it to visualize your team's workflow.
Innovativ und kundenorientiert handeln mit Design Thinking
microlearningActing innovatively and customer-oriented with Design Thinking
Acting innovatively and customer-oriented with Design Thinking
The Design Thinking process helps create innovative products that are attractive to customers. By following these six steps, you can truly understand your customers' problems and develop a sustainable, effective solution.
Persönliche Daten schützen
microlearningProtect Personal Data
Protect Personal Data
Often we hardly know which components of our data are collected or how they are used. With these tips, you can get an overview of the data protection and privacy settings on your digital devices.
Big Data – ein kleiner Rückblick
microlearningBig Data—A Short Review
Big Data—A Short Review
Big Data and Artificial Intelligence have become indispensable in the modern world. With this review, you will be able to recall the most important concepts around Big Data.
Team Culture Workshop
microlearningTeam Culture Workshop
Team Culture Workshop
Common rules and values create a good basis for harmonious and effective teamwork. To develop them, a team culture workshop is suitable.
Die 9 agilen Werte
microlearningThe Agile Values
The Agile Values
This micro focuses on the nine agile values and their meaning. This makes it easier to get started with agile thinking and working.
Kreativität fördern mit der Walt-Disney-Methode
microlearningEncouraging Creativity Using the Walt Disney Method
Encouraging Creativity Using the Walt Disney MethodEncouraging Creativity Using the Walt Disney Method
To develop new ideas and look at them directly from different perspectives, the Walt Disney Method is a good choice. In this micro, get to know these three roles: the dreamer, the realist and the skeptic - in more detail.
Personas erstellen
microlearningCreating Personas
Creating PersonasCreating PersonasCreating Personas
By creating personas, you give (potential) customers a face and can thus better put yourself in their shoes.
microlearningRetrospective Meetings
Retrospective MeetingsRetrospective MeetingsRetrospective Meetings
In retrospective meetings, team members look back over the past few weeks to discuss what is working well and where there is room for improvement.
Aufwände realistisch einschätzen mit Planning Poker
microlearningPlanning Poker: Estimating Tasks Realistically
Planning Poker: Estimating Tasks RealisticallyPlanning Poker: Estimating Tasks RealisticallyPlanning Poker: Estimating Tasks Realistically
Planning Poker is an agile tool that helps you and your team to realistically estimate the time and effort needed for tasks. It provides a space for discussion together as a team, and ultimately helps the team come to a common denominator. This is how Planning Poker optimizes the planning of tasks and projects.