Acting innovatively and customer-oriented with Design Thinking

Innovativ und kundenorientiert handeln mit Design Thinking
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Total time 3 minutes

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The Design Thinking process helps create innovative products that are attractive to customers. By following these six steps, you can truly understand your customers' problems and develop a sustainable, effective solution.

What is a microlearning?

Ideal soft skill training for the hectic workday, even without in-depth prior knowledge. Microlearningis a compact e-learning course that takes only a few minutes to complete. The short learning unit isideal for quickly refreshing knowledge (Know-how) or solving professional challenges (Challenge). Amicrolearning can be combined with appropriate macrolearnings or used as a stand-alone learningproduct.

Know How

Know-how Microlearnings provide expertise on a specific topic in minutes. Focusing on your knowhow therefore provides solutions to your everyday issues. It’s a very efficient way to refresh one’sknowledge.

Target group

  • Employees with or without management roles

Learning objectives

  • Develop products that meet the needs of our customers


Focusing on customer satisfaction

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