Giving Feedback


In this e⁠-⁠learning, participants get to know the model of the Johari Window. It shows the difference between the perception of others and the perception of oneself. The Johari Window clarifies the "blind spot" and shows why the "secret" will remain a secret. This course teaches that "giving feedback" does not mean "praise" or "criticize". Rather, it is about being open to self-perception through feedback from outside.

What is a macrolearning?

Comprehensive soft skills training for in-depth personal development. Macrolearning is a classic elearning course with a completion time of approximately 50 minutes. As a particularly intensive formof digital development, macrolearning promotes soft skills and sharpens personal profiles. For aholistic learning journey, PINKTUM Macrolearnings can also be combined with suitable compactMicrolearnings.


Target group

  • Staff members with leadership responsibilities but without a management position

  • managers who have a need for cooperative team-leadership methods

  • young managers

Learning objectives

  • Knowing how to use feedback as a management tool

  • Using the Johari Window, knowing the difference between how you perceive yourself and how others perceive you, allowing you to give staff members constructive feedback

  • Being able to prepare critical feedback and use it constructively

  • Using positive feedback in a way that promotes the development of the staff and team


Assessing performance
Supporting employees
Giving feedback
Acting fairly and with integrity
Motivating employees

Authoring tool



Animated illustrative videos
Enacted scenes
Transfer tasks
Key messages
Knowledge Check
Interactive elements
Moderated video lectures
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