Leading with Empathy

Führen mit Empathie
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Total time 80 minutes

The ability to lead with empathy is considered to be a supreme discipline in leadership. If you succeed in managing your team with appreciation and trust in your daily work, you will be able to win over your employees more easily. Because with empathy, you not only take other people with you – you can also better understand them and put yourself in their shoes. This will create a working atmosphere in which your team will know they are appreciated and therefore will feel more comfortable. This will have a positive effect on every conversation and on your ability to persuade and convince others as a manager. Those who show empathy and attentiveness when dealing with other people can also better assess their attitude and thus avoid negative consequences of misjudgments. But leading with empathy is something that needs to be learned. In this training course, you will learn how to be more perceptive of other people's emotions and understand their motives. By applying this understanding, you will have greater assurance in working out suitable courses of action.


Target group

  • Managers who want to learn how to take a measured and solution-oriented approach to leadership, even in challenging situations

  • Managers who want to develop their emotional and social skills and use them successfully in their dealings with their employees

Learning objectives

  • Understanding the ways in which leadership requirements are currently changing

  • Understanding what empathy means, Recognizing the benefits of leading with empathy, but also the challenges associated with it

  • Reflecting on your own management style and how you interact with other people

  • Being more perceptive of other people, putting yourself in their shoes, and adjusting your own emotions to where they are at

  • Understanding people and their communication, their personality, and their motives better

  • Acting with empathy and engaging with people at their level


Showing confidence
Showing caution
Appreciating colleagues
Allowing for errors
Working in a team
Acting fairly and with integrity

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