Conducting Termination Meetings

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Total time 60 minutes

Termination meetings differ from other meetings due to immense importance they have for the employees involved. They are often associated with a great emotional shock that can manifest in various ways. It is part of your job as a manager to conduct termination meetings in a professional and respectful manner. This e⁠-⁠training course will equip you with the tools you need to do this. You will learn the proper way to perpare and how you should plan and structure termination meetings. One focus of the e⁠-⁠training course is handling emotional factors: What are typical reactions and how can you deal with them well? In an extra chapter, you will learn how to conduct termination meetings by online videoconferencing or telephone.


Target group

  • Managers who will eventually need to conduct termination meetings

Learning objectives

  • Preparing for and conduct termination meetings

  • Be aware of the typical reactions and know how to deal with them

  • Managing your own emotions during the meeting

  • Learning what to expect in online termination meetings


Representing the company
Getting a grip
Acting fairly and with integrity
Taking on responsibility
Managing stress

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