Talking through Conflict

Konflikte gemeinsam lösen
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Conflict management


Total time 50 minutes

Simmering conflicts are toxic to the workplace—in terms of both atmosphere and productivity. However, most conflicts can be diffused or completely cleared up with conflict resolution techniques. Knowing these tools and how to use them is critical for managing disagreements in the workplace. In this interactive multimedia e⁠-⁠learning course, participants will learn how to prepare for conversations about confict, how to conduct conflict resolutions, and how to ensure that everyone honors their agreements.


Target group

junior managers; Employees who frequently work in teams or have an urgent need for the training

Learning objectives

  • Knowing how to talk through conflict

  • Learning about respectful behavior during a conflict resolution

  • Getting to know what conflict resolution looks like

  • Learning how to structure the phases of a conflict resolution discussion: preparation, execution and follow-up work

  • Learning how to communicate with a cooperative and conversational style


Acting fairly and with integrity
Providing clarity
Getting a grip
Resolving conflicts
Analyzing problems
Showing caution

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Key messages
Moderated video lectures
Animated illustrative videos
Enacted scenes
Interactive elements
Knowledge Check
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