Strategic sales in the insurance industry - developing key customers in line with demand

Strategischer Vertrieb in der Versicherungswirtschaft – Schlüsselkunden bedarfsgerecht entwickeln
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Total time 60 minutes

Key account management is the strategic, needs-based support and development of key customers. This e⁠-⁠training provides a lot of know-how about successful key account management in the insurance industry - among other things, how the key account management process works, how one's own key account customers and important stakeholders on the customer side can be identified and analysed, and what different strategic development options are available for the key accounts. This course is part of the three-part series "Strategic Sales in the Insurance Industry". However, the courses do not build on each other and therefore do not presuppose any prior knowledge.


Target group

  • Intermediaries and advisors working in the distribution of insurance products

  • Employees who assist in the placement or counselling process

Learning objectives

  • Know and be able to classify the concept of key account management

  • Identify the key accounts among your own insurance customers in order to be able to offer an intensity of support tailored to their needs

  • Being able to correctly assess stakeholders in the insurance industry

  • Develop a strategic and customer-oriented partnership with key insurance clients.


Entrepreneurial thinking
Taking a goal-oriented approach
Developing strategies
Focusing on customer satisfaction

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