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Agile Führung
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Agility & Innovation


Total time 50 minutes

"Agility" is the answer to ever shorter-term planning processes and ever faster change. "Leadership" must also be rethought in this context. This e⁠-⁠training therefore puts the classic leadership tools to the test. It is divided into the areas of mindset (understanding of leadership), skillset (leadership competencies) and toolset (leadership tools). For all three areas, we will examine how thinking and the respective methods and tools must change in order to continue to meet the requirements of successful leadership.


Target group

Experienced leaders; Leaders who want to review their methods; Junior managers

Learning objectives

  • Understanding the importance of an agile mindset in the workplace

  • Distinguishing between mindset, skillset and toolset

  • Learning the most important skills for agile working

  • Getting comfortable using the key tools for agile working


Motivating employees
Giving feedback
Encouraging innovation
Creating criteria for action
Taking on responsibility
Managing teams
Setting an example
Demonstrating openness

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Animated illustrative videos
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