Purpose in the insurance industry - With purpose to success

Purpose in der Versicherungsbranche – Mit Sinn zum Erfolg
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Total time 50 minutes

In this e⁠-⁠training, participants deal with their personal purpose, their "why" in their job. They become familiar with the concept of the Golden Circle according to Simon Sinek and learn how meaning and passion can be combined in the job. In order to better understand their purpose, participants reflect on what has shaped them in their lives so far and where their personal "why" comes from. Based on this, they can deal with further questions around their purpose and get inspired to act - so they can align themselves more strongly with it in their daily work in the insurance industry.


Target group

  • Intermediaries and advisors who are active in the distribution of insurance products and employees who assist in brokering or advising on insurance products.

  • Managers in the distribution of insurance products

Learning objectives

  • Know the importance of meaningful work

  • Knowing ways to find meaning and joy in working in the insurance industry

  • Finding one's own "why" in order to make the advice and support provided to insurance clients as customer-oriented as possible and profitable for both sides.

  • Connecting your passion with your purpose

  • Contributing one's own why to the insurance company and thus ensuring the quality of customer advice and service in the long term


Setting your own goals
Staying self-motivated
Wanting to learn
Being open-minded
Getting involved
Taking a goal-oriented approach
Showing caution

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