Artificial intelligence in insurance - confident and customer-centric into the AI age

Künstliche Intelligenz im Versicherungswesen – Selbstsicher und kundenzentriert ins KI-Zeitalter
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Total time 50 minutes

Artificial intelligence is rapidly changing society and the world of work. The participants of the e⁠-⁠training learn how to deal with AI-related changes in the insurance industry in a self-confident, optimistic and customer-centric way. The course provides practical impulses on resilience, change processes, purpose and job crafting in the AI age.


Target group

  • Intermediaries and advisors who are active in the sale of insurance products and employees who assist in brokering or advising on insurance products.

  • Managers in the distribution of insurance products

Learning objectives

  • Recognise and accept the growing influence of AI on the world of work and one's own activities in advising and supporting insurance customers.

  • Learn tactics to strengthen own resilience in order to approach the upcoming changes confidently, optimistically and with a clear customer focus

  • Identify challenges in change processes in your own insurance area and master tactics to deal with them

  • Reflect on one's own purpose in client counselling and align one's own professional activity accordingly with active job crafting


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