Overcoming the Digital Information Overload

Digitale Informationsflut effizient meistern
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Total time 60 minutes

The ever-increasing use of digital communication tools has led to information overload in the workplace, which poses challenges for people every day. In this e⁠-⁠training course, you will learn how to control the flood of digital information by using personal information management skills. In addition, you will learn strategies for increasing your productivity, creativity, and ability to concentrate. Practical techniques and tricks will be introduced to demonstrate how to bring order to any overflowing inbox. Furthermore, the e⁠-⁠training course will teach you how to scrutinize your personal use of digital communication tools more closely, as well as showing you methods for handling such tools in a balanced and healthy way.


Target group

  • Employees with or without management responsibilities, who use many different media in their everyday work and process a wealth of information on a daily basis

Learning objectives

  • Understanding the adverse consequences of the digital information overload

  • Becoming familiar with the various strategies to reduce the digital information overload

  • Working efficiently despite the information overload

  • Keeping the ideal overview – with the right tools and tricks

  • Finding your digital balance


Managing your own time
Being reliable
Informing others
Managing stress

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