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Total time 70 minutes

Anyone who wants to use time productively must first know what time is needed for. Therefore, this e⁠-⁠learning first invites the participants to write down their own ideas. In other words, to write down for every hour of two weeks what was done in each case. This self-assessment is then used as a basis for learning the essential methods of time management. The Pomodoro-method, batching, time-boxing and prioritizing according to the Eisenhower-matrix. The goal is that the participants learn to manage their time in a way that the other team members can rely on. The e⁠-⁠learning can also be used to get to know individual methods in a new way.


Target group

Employees and teams who work in a self-organized manner and/or have difficulties in time management; managers who need new methods of time management; junior employees who are new to leadership roles

Learning objectives

  • Understanding the basics of time management

  • Setting targets and deriving tasks from these

  • Setting clear priorities

  • Making batching more effective

  • Benefiting from the advantages of timeboxing

  • Using the Pomodoro method to focus on your work


Establishing prioritized decisions
Taking a goal-oriented approach
Being reliable
Managing stress
Setting your own goals
Managing your own time

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