Mastering digital information overload - more focus for the customer

Digitale Informationsflut meistern – Mehr Fokus für den Kunden
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Total time 60 minutes

The e⁠-⁠training addresses the causes and consequences of the digital information overload, which can hardly be avoided in modern (working) life. In order to master it effectively, the participants learn suitable methods of self- and time management. These include successful information management, batching and timeboxing, the Inbox Zero concept and Digital Detox.


Target group

  • Managers in the distribution of insurance products

  • Intermediaries and advisors who are active in the distribution of insurance products and employees who assist in brokering or advising on insurance products.

Learning objectives

  • Know the causes and consequences of the digital information overload

  • Apply personal information management strategies to reduce the digital information overload and communicate efficiently with clients.

  • Work efficiently despite digital information overload with batching and timeboxing

  • Maintaining an optimal overview of the email inbox to ensure smooth processing of customer concerns

  • Find a good "digital balance" for concentrated work through Digital Detox


Informing others
Managing stress
Managing your own time
Being reliable

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