More productive and satisfied on the job - More energy for the customer

Produktiver und zufriedener im Job – Mehr Energie für den Kunden
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Total time 60 minutes

The e⁠-⁠training focuses on different approaches to self-management and their advantages. The ALPEN method, the Getting Things Done method and ways to increase productivity with the help of one's own biorhythm are presented. Participants also learn how to get into the flow more easily.


Target group

  • Intermediaries and advisors who are active in the distribution of insurance products and employees who assist in the mediation or provision of advice.

  • Managers in the distribution of insurance products

Learning objectives

  • Plan the working day effectively in a few minutes to enable high quality customer advice

  • Work more productively with less stress

  • Freeing up your mind for the really important things - advising and looking after clients

  • Know the influence of the inner clock on performance

  • Create framework conditions for flow experiences

  • Be permanently happier in the job to have more energy and focus for customer contact


Continuously optimizing
Managing stress
Managing your own time
Getting a grip
Being reliable

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Transfer tasks
Key messages
Knowledge Check
Interactive elements
Moderated video lectures
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