Successfully Leading Hybrid Teams

Hybride Teams erfolgreich führen
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Leading virtual / hybrid teams


Total time 90 minutes

This e⁠-⁠training course is about successfully leading hybrid teams and shaping the new working reality between working remotely and in-person at the office with a view to the future. Participants learn how they can establish binding rules as a basis for hybrid collaboration and where the limits of hybrid work lie. In addition, despite the physical distance, hybrid team meetings and team spirit are two essential components of this e⁠-⁠training course. Other focal points are the concept of fairness and the individual needs of employees working from home and in person at the office.


Target group

Managers who lead teams that divide their time between the office and working from home, either permanently or temporarily.; These can be experienced, long-standing department heads who want to get a feel for hybrid work, “freshly minted” team leaders who want to get used to their role; Managers who have only worked remotely so far and now need to narrow the gap between working in-person at the office and working remotely.

Learning objectives

  • Establishing binding rules as a basis for hybrid collaboration

  • Being aware of the limits of hybrid work and planning shared "office activities"

  • Holding hybrid team meetings which are inclusive and free of technical glitches

  • Learning to strengthen the team spirit despite physical distance

  • Keeping an eye on all team members, considering their individual needs and acting accordingly with fairness and empathy—no matter whether they work from home or in person at the office

  • Exemplifying hybrid work as a manager and setting an example


Acting fairly and with integrity
Overseeing goal achievement
Appreciating colleagues
Creating criteria for action
Setting an example
Supporting employees
Informing others

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