Becoming More Productive and Satisfied at Work

Produktiver und zufriedener im Job
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Total time 60 minutes

In this e⁠-⁠learning course, you will learn how you can work more productively and with less stress. It's not about working faster and harder to boost output. Instead, you can employ easy-to-learn methods to structure your day efficiently and be more relaxed in achieving your goals. You will learn how to get into the flow and become absorbed in your work. We will show you what your biorhythm has to do with your productivity and how you can plan your day so that you work harmoniously with your internal clock. In this e⁠-⁠learning course, participants will learn how they can work more productively and with less stress. They will learn how to employ practical self-management methods to be smart in structuring their day and achieving their goals in less time. Instead of having to work faster and harder, they will be able to manage their workload more easily and with greater satisfaction. Participants will learn how to get into the flow and how the knowledge of their own biorhythms can be used in their everyday work. After all, people who work efficiently but with less stress not only perform better but are also more relaxed and satisfied on the job.


Target group

  • Managers and employees who want to improve their productivity

Learning objectives

  • Learning how to plan the working day effectively in just a few minutes

  • Discovering how to work more productively with less stress

  • Finding out how to clear your mind for the things that are really important

  • Owl or lark: Finding out what influence our internal clock has on our performance

  • Finding out what a "flow state" is, when the "flow state" sets in and what sets it in motion

  • Learning how to succeed in attaining higher and lasting job satisfaction


Managing your own time
Continuously optimizing
Getting a grip
Being reliable
Managing stress

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