Making Good Decisions

Gute Entscheidungen treffen
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Basics of leadership


Total time 60 minutes

Decisive strength is an essential skill in an ever faster changing environment. Participants can train this competence in this multimedia e⁠-⁠learning. They learn to quickly decide in which category a topic belongs, what needs to be done immediately and what can be postponed. And they learn methods to systematically prepare good decisions and then be able to make them.


Target group

Young managers and managers who need to be able to make decisions in an understandable and structured manner

Learning objectives

  • Recognizing and being able to analyse problems

  • Knowing and using methods for finding solutions

  • Being able to approach decision-making processes in a structured way

  • Communicating decisions well and involve the staff

  • Being able to implement decisions


Using leeway in decision-making
Showing caution
Establishing prioritized decisions
Demonstrating openness
Analyzing situations
Analyzing problems

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Transfer tasks
Enacted scenes
Interactive elements
Key messages
Moderated video lectures
Knowledge Check
Animated illustrative videos