Intercultural Teams—Basics of Successful Cooperation

Interkulturelle Teams – Grundlagen der erfolgreichen Zusammenarbeit
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Total time 60 minutes

Due to increasing internationalization and globalization, cooperation in an international context is becoming more and more important. Working in intercultural teams offers great potential, but can often also be quite a challenge. This e⁠-⁠training course covers how to deal with cultural differences and teaches participants how prejudices and stereotypes can be overcome. How can cultural intelligence help in an intercultural context? How do you lay a good foundation for successful intercultural cooperation? What should be considered when dealing with people from other cultures in a respectful and appreciative manner? These issues will be addressed in detail in this e⁠-⁠training course.


Target group

  • Employees working in intercultural teams

  • Employees who want to learn more about other cultures and cultural differences

Learning objectives

  • Being able to interact with people from different cultures in a respectful and appreciative manner

  • Laying a good foundation for successful intercultural cooperation

  • Knowing and understanding cultural differences

  • Overcoming prejudices and stereotypes


Demonstrating openness
Acting fairly and with integrity
Managing teams
Working within a network
Wanting to learn
Setting your own goals
Showing caution

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