Feedback between Colleagues


Feedback is an essential tool for managing team cooperation. Feedback is a give and take where both can and must be learned. The importance of feedback for personality development was also recognized in the 1970s by social psychologists Joseph Luft and Harry Ingram. They developed the "Johari Window" which shows that self-perception and external perception differ. The Johari Window also says that through feedback, the "blind spot" can be reduced and the scope for action increased. Positive feedback usually leads to the stabilization and development of the addressed behavior. It clears the way for team-promoting behavioral changes.

What is a macrolearning?

Comprehensive soft skills training for in-depth personal development. Macrolearning is a classic elearning course with a completion time of approximately 50 minutes. As a particularly intensive formof digital development, macrolearning promotes soft skills and sharpens personal profiles. For aholistic learning journey, PINKTUM Macrolearnings can also be combined with suitable compactMicrolearnings.


Target group

  • Employees of all hierarchical levels who work in teams

Learning objectives

  • Learning how feedback can create a productive atmosphere in a team

  • Finding out what is important when giving feedback

  • Understanding how to gracefully accept feedback

  • Discovering how peer feedback can broaden your own perspective

  • Learning how to address critical points so that something will actually change


Continuously optimizing
Getting a grip
Getting feedback
Giving feedback
Working within a network
Acting fairly and with integrity

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