Communicating with Respect and Appreciation

Wertschätzend kommunizieren
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Total time 50 minutes

Those who manage to establish a good relationship with their interlocutor can have more constructive discussions and achieve better work results. The key is: communicating with respect and appreciation. The prerequisite is an "open ear" for one's own sensitivities as well as for the sensitivities of the dialog partner. In this web-based video training, the aim is therefore to build up sustainable relationships with the dialog partners in a specific manner: through clear and precise "I⁠-⁠messages" on the one hand and by being aware of the other person's point of view. This creates the basis for constructive dialog.


Target group

Managers at all executive levels who are open to the topic of appreciative communication and who want to be able to communicate with respect and appreciation

Learning objectives

  • Understanding yourself and your communication behaviour better

  • Being able to communicate with respect and appreciation by preparing properly

  • Being able to communicate your view in an understandable way

  • Knowing the various types of I⁠-⁠statement, giving you a better understanding of communicative acts


Appreciating colleagues
Working within a network
Working in a team

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