Understanding Digitalization

Digitalisierung verstehen
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Total time 60 minutes

In the e⁠-⁠training "Understanding Digitalization" presenter Christina takes participants on a journey into the digital world. She shows that digitization is not just about converting physical products and applications into digital products and applications. But that it is above all about the data that is generated in the process. In this process, traditional companies are disappearing - and new companies are emerging. In the same way, professions are changing. Even doctors may be replaced by digital technologies. The presenter introduces the new power of customers and the need for customer centricity as another significant change. Through transfer tasks, participants are encouraged to examine their own professional environment and company for digital challenges and potential.


Target group

  • Employees who want to be primed for digitalization

  • teams analyzing their working environment with digitalization in mind

  • employees who need to face to new challenges

  • managers who are looking for new techniques, customers, and markets

Learning objectives

  • Recognizing the essential drivers of digitalization

  • Becoming familiar with the term VUCA and the associated diagnosis of time

  • Understanding the impact of digitalization on traditional business models

  • Recognizing that successes from the past are not automatically perpetuated

  • Understanding customer centricity as a consequence of digitalization


Encouraging innovation
Entrepreneurial thinking
Demonstrating openness
Analyzing situations
Showing caution
Being flexible

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Animated illustrative videos
Enacted scenes
Transfer tasks
Key messages
Knowledge Check
Interactive elements
Moderated video lectures
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