At the end of the year, performance reviews are on the agenda in most companies. Some of us have had unpleasant experiences. Performance reviews are therefore often accompanied by mixed feelings.

Argumentation and persuasion: six recommendations for your argumentation + whitepaper for download: the Five-Sentence Technique.

Do you want to lead a hybrid team and maintain its sense of teamwork? It is less difficult than it sounds! Here is what you should be on the lookout for.


Learn how to argue with full persuasive power. After all, it's not just the content of the arguments that counts, but also how you convey them.

zuversichtlich mit neuen Trend ins neue Jahr!

With the New Year, we associate lots of well wishes. As 2022 kicked off, we are calling on more positive changes for our society, economy, and environment.

Erfolgskontrolle in der Personalentwicklung - Personalentwicklungsmaßnahmen

Challenge – Success monitoring in personnel development? The 4⁠-⁠step method according to Kirkpatrick and concrete examples.

Laterale Führung - Die wichtigsten Tipps zum Führen ohne Weisungsbefugnis

Lateral leadership – Tips for leading without formal authority How to effectively lead your team to success without formal authority.

Digitalisierug ist ein ganz wichtiger Punkt inder heutigen Arbeitswelt - viel wird darüber in unseren E-Learnings weitergegeben, denn es gibt ständig neue Entwicklungen

Understanding digitalization – What digital transformation means for companies and the workplace. Find out more…

Agile Führung als wichtiger Bestandteil

"Agile Leaders“ are the leaders of a new world. But is it even possible to lead in an agile way?