Wherever people meet, conflicts arise—in every organization. It is inevitable. However, conflicts can have serious consequences if left unresolved: The number of sick days increases, productivity suffers and eventually the company suffers financial damage. To make matters worse, valuable employees leave the company due to the poor working atmosphere. The employer image suffers. So there are many reasons to address conflicts at an early stage so that, if possible, damage does not occur in the first place. But what exactly is a conflict?


What are soft skills and why are they, together with generic skills, considered as key factors for competitiveness and effective measures against the shortage of skilled workers?

If your customers feel well looked after, they will remain loyal to your company in the long term. How does it work? With strategic sales (key account management)!


Old but Gold: The phone is one of the most important tools for customer communication. Whether in sales or customer service—in addition to e⁠-⁠mails, chats and social media, many companies continue to rely on traditional telephone conversations with customers.

Networking plays an important role for individuals as well as companies. Those who network well also know that networking is a fun task, but one that never ends.

Argumentation and persuasion: six recommendations for your argumentation + whitepaper for download: the Five-Sentence Technique.

Do you want to lead a hybrid team and maintain its sense of teamwork? It is less difficult than it sounds! Here is what you should be on the lookout for.