Kick-off 2022: The World Champion E⁠-⁠Learning Trend

E-Learning Trends 2022
Nikolaus Schaefer

With the New Year, we associate lots of well wishes. As 2022 kicked off, we are calling on more positive changes for our society, economy, and environment. For e⁠-⁠learning, we expect promising new trends, and the prediction is that it continues to be a rather rapid evolution throughout the whole industry. Timely, with the planned Football World Cup 2022, e⁠-⁠learning is also gaining international attention. Let's look at the e⁠-⁠learning trends for 2022.

Warm-up: Fitness training digitalization

The progress of digital transformation could be compared to an obligatory "fitness training" for economy and society. Things can hardly develop further without a modern digital infrastructure. The importance of digitalization is comparable to the warm-up phase in sports. It builds the basis for capability and success. The same applies to digital employee development. Using digitalization successfully means continuously developing, also with new or adapted virtual training units. This leads to the first e⁠-⁠learning trend in 2022. Diverse e⁠-⁠learning. Our digitalization makes it necessary to expand the range of e⁠-⁠learnings with new courses and to finetune existing courses on topicality and high-tech-quality. The demands of digitalization are increasing, also due to the pandemic and e⁠-⁠learning will be highly relevant for employee development. Expanding benefits of the digitalization will be the core task in e⁠-⁠learning this year.  

Training sessions: High performance through Future Skills

The warm-up phase in sports is followed by training sessions. This is also true for digital employee development with e⁠-⁠learning. The digital transformation requires a modern way of thinking and new competencies. Digitalization should not be seen as a privilege for certain social or economic groups. It has to be lived and developed by our society and the economy. The following trends affect society and economy in the same way: Digitalization/agility, war for talents (investment in employee development), demographic change, new work, diversity, and globalization. In the future, competencies in these areas will be relevant. Future skills, particularly the ability of digital collaboration, agile working, and the ability to learn will be relevant. These skills develop out of soft skills and digital competencies. E⁠-⁠learning supports the promotion of an individually tailored development for future-oriented skills. That way, e⁠-⁠learning will be a key to consolidate the digital transformation in the economy and society. The need for virtual training increases and therefore, digital learning must be established as a standard for digital employee development.

World Cup: Internationalization "Made in Germany”

A World Cup is considered to be a tournament with high accolades. Especially in football, the attention for the Cup around the globe is enormous and reflects the feeling of a society that is growing together worldwide. Apart from sports, our world is growing together through globalization. The interaction with other cultures takes place almost without borders, especially in the digital environment. It means reducing barriers, increasing collaboration, and improving intercultural communication. E⁠-⁠learning certainly has the advantage of being used as a conduit to assist the learning without borders. Worldwide e⁠-⁠learning "Made in Germany" sets a new high-quality standard for e⁠-⁠training. This may sound self-confident. However, a growing trend is to produce and provide localized e⁠-⁠learning for international markets, with different levels of localization. From “subtitled” to "cultural fit", different levels of authenticity can be applied. An equal playing field for all employees, same learning content, tailored language, tailored to company culture, worldwide!

The benefit is not only providing employees in global companies with a standardized level of learning. It’s also about supporting and promoting local companies for foreign market entries or contacts by providing e⁠-⁠learning in different language versions. This has something of a world champion. And this trend fits in well with this year in which the World Cup is planned.

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