Microlearning know-how: targeted learning at just the right time

Katrin Horn
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An example of know-how microlearning?

Imagine you've watched our comprehensive e⁠-⁠training course about time management. With approximately 50 minutes of processing time, this is classic macrolearning. The course presents different methods of how to make the best use of your working time. You liked the course, you took notes, but you didn't have the opportunity to use all the methods right away. A short time later, you're sitting in front of your to-do list and want to prioritize your tasks. You remember the Eisenhower matrix in the course, which was great - but how exactly did it work again?

This is where microlearning know-how comes into play. In the know-how microlearning on the Eisenhower Matrix, an accompanying moderator explains to you once again how the method is applied. To the point and implementation-oriented. So after these three minutes you can start directly with the knowledge transfer.


Together or independently-it's a win!

As you can see, our classic e⁠-⁠trainings, the macrolearnings, and the short know-how microlearnings fit together perfectly. But ofcourse you can also benefit from know-how microlearning without having completed a macrolearning e⁠-⁠training course before. Even without deeper knowledge of the respective topic, you will be able to follow and implement the contents of the know-how microlearning. So microlearning is also a very effective learning opportunity independent of the full-scale e⁠-⁠training courses.

What else do you need to know about know-how microlearning?

Know-how microlearning covers all classic soft skill topic areas of PINKTUM. From communication to leadership and sales to self-competence.

The microlearning content is produced in our usual high quality video. A presenter guides you professionally through the topic, supported by meaningful animations and overlays. Memorable and entertaining.


PINKTUM know-how microlearning summarized

Microlearning know-how

  • Explains a concrete method, conversation technique or approach

  • is targeted and implementation-oriented so you can directly apply the knowledge refresher

  • repeats and consolidates the knowledge from a macrolearning -

  • can alternatively be used as a stand-alone training without deeper prior knowledge

  • promotes all soft skill topics of PINKTUM

  • has a duration of only two to four minutes

  • is video based

  • is presented through moderation and animations

Test Microlearning Know-how

Why don’t you take a look at a few examples of PINKTUM know-how microlearning for yourself right now? Here you can test our e⁠-⁠training on "Presenting - The Basics", and three matching Know-How Microlearnings for free and without obligation.

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