Microlearning Challenges: Solve professional challenges through a knowledge advantage

Online Verhandlungen führen lernen trotz einer Hürden und Herausforderungen
Maria Reißner

Microlearning Challenges focus on real problems experienced in common, everyday work. Using short, two-to-four-minute videos, you are given practical tips for action in sensitive situations that can occur in professional settings, such as personal challenges or complex conversations. For example, "I have to give a presentation right now and my knees are shaking.” Our microlearning’s are designed to be recalled reflexively, empowering you to react appropriately during stressful situations. Ideas and action items for solving problems are formulated clearly and concisely and are not based on theoretical "model knowledge.” Instead, they draw from practical experience gathered in numerous discussions with specialists and experts across various industries. When completing a challenge, our goal is for you to recognize specific issues that you’ve personally experienced, and then be able to develop practical next steps to correct them.

Example of a Microlearning Challenge

Imagine you work in the sales department of your company. You are currently focused on establishing initial contact with customers and have already completed PINKTUM’s Making Initial Contact macrolearning. As a result, you already know how to recognize and take advantage of contact opportunities, systematically expand your customer network, and quickly identify potential customers. You've also learned and practiced your elevator pitch, a cold-calling method. Nevertheless, you find it difficult to simply pick up the phone and call potential customers, feeling insecure about possible negative reactions or disturbing someone at work.

This is exactly where Microlearning Challenges come in. In minutes, we show learners how to overcome internal barriers and resolve specific, personal obstacles.

Microlearning Challenges are an asset whether in combination, or on their own.

Microlearning challenges integrate perfectly into PINKTUM’s product world of traditional e⁠-⁠trainings, macrolearnings, and know-how microlearnings. E⁠-⁠trainings enhance knowledge on certain topics and provide initial steps for application. Know-how microlearning, on the other hand, refreshes the knowledge acquired. Microlearning challenges reaffirm what’s already been absorbed and focus on quick solutions for professional challenges, even in times of urgency.

PINKTUM Microlearning Challenges are specifically geared towards everyday work and support you immediately with recommendations for action, even without prior knowledge. With microlearnings intended to be a quick, time-saving option, you still, however, will receive the strongest learning experience by taking advantage of our complete Learning Journey.

PINKTUM Microlearning Challenges Summarized

Microlearning Challenges...

  • ... are high-quality video-based.

  • ... offer help for real and urgent problems occurring in everyday situations.

  • ... are so targeted and implementation-oriented that you can apply the action items immediately.

  • ... offer action items drawing from practical experience gathered in numerous discussions with specialists and experts across various industries. No other e⁠-⁠learning provider combines this amount of expert knowledge, and no artificial intelligence can provide this level of experience.

  • ... cover all soft skill topics of PINKTUM.

  • ... take only two to four minutes to complete.

Try a Microlearning Challenge

Take a look at some examples of PINKTUM’s Microlearning Challenges right now! Here you can test our e⁠-⁠training Making Initial Contact and two accompanying Microlearning Challenges free of charge, with no obligation.

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