Resilience—Increasing Your Inner Resilience

Resilienz – Die innere Widerstandskraft stärken
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Total time 60 minutes

At work, we face pressure to perform, complex requirements, unforeseeable events, and uncertainties on a daily basis. Resilience makes it possible to deal with these challenges in a positive way and even to develop personally. But what is resilience? And what are the differences between resilient and non-resilient people? How can the seven pillars of resilience help you to confidently overcome challenges in your everyday work? And how can you go about strengthening your own inner resilience? These questions will be covered in detail during this e⁠-⁠training course.


Target group

  • Employees with and without managerial responsibility, who want to train their inner resilience

  • Employees with and without managerial responsibility who want to prepare for professional challenges

Learning objectives

  • Understanding the concept of resilience and its relevance for everyday work

  • Knowing the seven pillars of resilience and being able to use them in difficult situations

  • Promoting optimism, accepting stressful situations, and being able to act in a solution-oriented manner

  • Being able to confidently deal with challenges and take on responsibility

  • Using your own network and being able to actively create your own future


Showing confidence
Getting a grip
Showing resilience
Managing stress

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