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Moderating & Presentation


Total time 50 minutes

For online meetings, almost all the rules that also apply to face-to-face meetings apply. But besides good preparation, structured execution and clear follow-up, other topics also play an important role. How do we deal with requests to speak? How can we also hold creative meetings online? How can we also establish social proximity and trust in online meetings? Regardless of the features of the respective online meeting tools and apps, this e⁠-⁠learning shows how online meetings can also be made productive.


Target group

Members of cross-locational and/or virtual teams; employees who are in contact with online meetings and/or moderate them themselves

Learning objectives

  • To understand the advantages and disadvantages of virtual meetings

  • To understand the specific challenges of virtual meetings

  • To prepare, plan and manage virtual meetings well

  • To learn the rules of verbal communication in virtual meetings

  • To use methods for visualization and interactive design


Giving convincing presentations
Working in a team
Informing others
Making yourself clear
Working within a network
Being reliable

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