Big Data—Understanding the World of Data

Big Data – Die Welt der Daten verstehen
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Total time 60 minutes

Big Data, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI)—you've probably heard these terms before. But are you able to explain the meaning behind these trend words? Unless you're a data scientist or an AI developer, you may have a hard time understanding the world of data and related technologies. This is exactly where this e⁠-⁠training comes in: You will learn about important topics around Big Data, with no prior knowledge needed. It is not about how you can handle Big Data yourself—but a basic overview of what Big Data actually is, the opportunities and challenges associated with it and which methods and tools data experts use to create added value from Big Data.


Target group

  • Employees with or without a management role who know little about Big Data and related topics such as artificial intelligence and want to acquire basic knowledge about them.

Learning objectives

  • Knowing the definition and characteristics of Big Data

  • Understanding the potential and challenges of Big Data for society and business

  • Being familiar with the Big Data lifecycle

  • Having an overview of important Big Data technologies

  • Being able to classify artificial intelligence in the context of Big Data


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