PINKTUM Microlearning

Achieve learning success swiftly with PINKTUM Microlearning. These short, focused training sessions provide quick solutions to specific challenges, perfectly complementing our Macrolearning courses. Short on time? Our Microlearnings stand alone too, requiring no prior in-depth knowledge for immediate skill enhancement.

Microlearning is ideally suited for refreshing knowledge or inspiring solutions for everyday challenges due to its time-efficient and mobile applicability.

Know-how Microlearning

Expertise in minutes. Even without in-depth prior knowledge.

Applying soft skills confidently in everyday life is part of a permanent learning process. Newly learned knowledge is at the start very readily available to put to use. But how confident do you feel after some time to apply learned knowledge in your everyday job? Or even in unfamiliar situations?

PINKTUM's Know-how Microlearnings close knowledge gaps in minutes through topic-focused learning units. As a compact e⁠-⁠learning, Microlearnings with a duration of a few minutes are ideal in urgent situations to promote skill development. There are hardly any faster methods for practical knowledge transfer.

Challenge Microlearning

Solve your challenges perfectly through this knowledge advantage.

Support when it is urgently needed. Managers and employees face sensitive situations every day, such as a complex conversation or a stressful task. How relieving is it to be emotionally and factually prepared for such moments?

PINKTUM's Challenge Microlearnings sharpen your own skills for challenging tasks in everyday life in short sequences. With this boost in knowledge, you get clear insights, arguments, and creative inspiration in easy to understand terms, and without theoretical explanation. The Challenge Microlearnings are based on many years of practical experience gained through multifaceted discussions with specialists and managers. This is one-of-a⁠-⁠kind!

In combination or as a stand alone training

PINKTUM soft skill e⁠-⁠learning can be perfectly combined with comprehensive Macrolearnings and short, but captivating Microlearnings. All trainings can also be completed on a stand alone basis. Microlearnings can thus be used without in-depth prior knowledge. In just a few minutes, you can brush up on your knowledge or tackle professional challenges with confidence. This is how impressively effective digital further development can be. Try out your personal learning experience right now for free.

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Leading and motivating employees in home office
Duration: 70 minutes

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I Have No Idea What My Team Member Actually Does in Home Office!
Duration: 3 minutes


Creating Personas
Duration: 3 minutes


I Don't Want to Delegate Because I Prefer to Complete the Task Myself
Duration: 3 minutes

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Effektiv und nachhaltig lernen

Einführung Microlearnings

Lernen, wie du es brauchst

Unterschied zwischen Macro- und Microlearning

Know-How Microlearning

Das ist ein Know-How-Microlearning
Duration: 2 minutes
Online Verhandlungen führen lernen trotz einer Hürden und Herausforderungen

Challenge Microlearning

Das ist ein Challenge-Microlearning
Duration: 2 minutes