Long-lasting learning with more diversity and personality. PINKTUM Profile helps address individual learning needs. Interested individuals can use the online-based tool to analyze their strengths and unused potential. The result is a report of suitable e⁠-⁠training courses for personal development.

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Personal analysis and discovery of unconscious personality traits

PINKTUM Profile is an online-based tool to analyze personal competencies and unconscious personality traits. Developed with scientific methods by our learning experts, PINKTUM Profile is different from a classic, question-based personality test.

Discover your personal style in just 5 minutes with 42 images

Science can also lead to astonishing insights quickly and intuitively. To generate a personal profile report, you only need to classify 42 graphical images. It takes no more than 5 minutes, we promise! Follow your own intuition when classifying the illustrations.
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An individualized learning profile for you and your employees

The PINKTUM Profile is fast, straightforward, and accurate. It maps an individual's profile across eight personal style facets, derived from your intuitive responses to illustrations and their subsequent analysis. Depend on its precision to understand personal styles effectively.
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Companies and employees alike benefit from PINKTUM Profile

PINKTUM Profile offers significant value with minimal investment, setting a new standard in digital personnel development. It ensures confidentiality in personal reports and learning recommendations, adhering to data protection laws. Administrators gain access to anonymized company-wide evaluations, providing invaluable insights to tailor training effectively.

Worldwide availability

PINKTUM Profile's digital format offers global accessibility, allowing users from anywhere in the world to engage with it at any time. The language versions currently available are German, English, French and Spanish.

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