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At PINKTUM, we're pioneering the future of digital learning, harnessing AI and data analytics to enhance human potential. Trust is paramount in our technological advancements, which is why our AI and data implementations adhere strictly to ethical standards and our PINKTUM code of conduct, ensuring reliable AI use and robust data security.

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The PINKTUM code of conduct enforces our dedication to the responsible and ethical use of AI and data.

Commitment with ten guidelines

We believe that effective digital personnel development hinges on catering to individual learning needs. While embracing the advancements in AI and data analytics for authentic digital soft skill training, we recognize and address the reservations surrounding technological innovations. Our PINKTUM code of conduct establishes clear guidelines and a steadfast commitment to managing AI and data analytics responsibly and transparently.

1. Security

PINKTUM has implemented strict processes and risk analysis to handle data with the highest level of security, confidentiality and anonymization.

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2. Transparency

For all PINKTUM stakeholders, the use of AI and data is made comprehensible and understandable - according to the principle of "Explainable AI."

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3. Orientation

The use of AI and data is based on the code of conduct as well as ethical principles and serves the well-being of PINKTUM's customers - according to the principle of "Responsible AI."

4. Data minimisation

PINKTUM's product world creates a personal learning experience, collecting only a minimum amount of data —information that is no longer needed is securely anonymized or deleted.

5. Fairness

At PINKTUM, Artificial Intelligence must also follow norms and rules through impartiality and equal opportunity.

6. Privacy

AI and data use only occurs where it truly adds value to learners - PINKTUM logs data streams and limits viewing to trusted individuals.

7. Rule conformity

Our code of conduct not only adheres to DSGVO criteria and country-specific legal requirements but also places a strong emphasis on prioritizing individuals over technical processes.

8. Continuing education

At PINKTUM, we proactively train our team in the sensitive use of AI and data, ensuring our practices are always in line with legal and ethical standards.

9. Stability

To guarantee data security, PINKTUM rigorously monitors the stability and reliability of our AI systems, ensuring consistent and secure performance.

10. Up-to-dateness

PINKTUM is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards, regularly updating our AI and data code of conduct to reflect the latest developments and best practices.

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At PINKTUM, our core principle is to prioritize the individual, ensuring responsible and transparent use of AI and data technologies.

In line with this commitment, we invite you to view the complete code of conduct.

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