PINKTUM Learning Journey

Enhance personal peak performance with the PINKTUM Learning Journey, a people-focused, holistic digital training solution for future-ready soft skills. Our approach is automated, integrated, and individualized, designed to meet your team's specific learning needs, from in-depth learning modules to quick skill refreshers. Discover how this unique training approach works.

Our main priority

Our e⁠-⁠learning courses are crafted with impeccable instructional design and top-tier production, ensuring an interactive and engaging learning experience.

Our goal

Providing learning content directly related to everyday life that can be used by your employees with enthusiasm and success

Our focus

We focus on the sustainable development of employees, enhancing interdisciplinary competencies and soft skills through targeted, effective training strategies.

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PINKTUM Learning Journey

Embark on a transformative learning journey with our integrated digital skills training, meticulously tailored to meet individual needs for enduring impact.

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Get personalized learning recommendations for personal development in just 5 minutes. PINKTUM Profile analyzes personal strengths and unconscious areas of development. It is based online and can be undertaken independently.

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PINKTUM Macrolearning

Our intensive 50-minute e-learning units are designed for deep personal development, featuring diverse videos, animations, and guided learning. These can be utilized independently or paired with our concise Microlearnings for a comprehensive learning experience.

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PINKTUM Microlearning

For immediate skill enhancement, our Microlearning modules offer rapid knowledge refreshment and practical solutions for workplace challenges. These brief, focused sessions can be effective on their own or as a complement to our more extensive Macrolearnings.

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Discover the Unique Advantages of Our E⁠-⁠Learning Courses.

Method and didactics

Our commitment to quality is reflected in our meticulous focus on instructional design and methodology, resulting in exceptional e⁠-⁠learning courses.


Our e⁠-⁠learning courses are uniquely designed to bridge cultural gaps, with every element fully translated and adapted to resonate with local cultures.

Accessibility for all users

Our e⁠-⁠learning courses should be easy to find and simple to use by everyone! That is why they are designed to be completely barrier-free.

How the e-learnings are provided to you

Whether your company has its own LMS or not, we've got you covered. We can seamlessly integrate our e-trainings with your existing LMS, or provide access through our intuitive, cloud-based Online Academy, equipped with extensive evaluation tools. Rest assured, we'll work with you to find the perfect solution.

PINKTUM convinces with quality - in every respect!

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