PINKTUM Learning Journey

Digital training for personal peak performance. The PINKTUM Learning Journey puts the focus on people. Achieve long-lasting success with the personal development of your employees through a unique training approach. A holistic, digital learning solution for the soft skills of the future. Automated, integrated and individualized. Determine the individual learning needs of your team. Find specifically tailored training units. From accompanying, intensive learning units to compact refreshers of soft skills for time-critical or situational requirements. How does it work?
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Our main priority

Perfect instructional design and first-class production of interactive e⁠-⁠learning courses

Our goal

Providing learning content directly related to everyday life that can be used by your employees with enthusiasm and success

Our focus

Sustainable development of employees, in the areas of interdisciplinary competences and soft skills

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PINKTUM Learning Journey

Long-lasting learning through integrated digital skills training and development based on individual needs.

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Get personalized learning recommendations for personal development in just 5 minutes. PINKTUM Profile analyzes personal strengths and unconscious areas of development. It is based online and can be undertaken independently.

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PINKTUM Macrolearning

Intensive learning unit for personal development as classic e-learning. In approx. 50 minutes, the participants can deepen their own competencies and soft skills via various videos, animated learning elements and accompanying moderation. Can be used as a stand-alone digital learning product or in combination with suitable compact Microlearnings.

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PINKTUM Microlearning

Continuing development when it is urgently needed. Microlearning is a compact learning unit used to quickly refresh knowledge and soft skills. In just a few minutes, knowledge transfer or solutions to concrete problems (know-how microlearning) for challenges in everyday work (challenge microlearning) are conveyed. Can be used as a stand-alone digital learning product or in combination with suitable macrolearnings.

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That's what makes our e⁠-⁠learning courses special

Method and didactics

We place a high value on quality and we take the necessary time for this. Our focus in on instructional design and methodology. High-quality e⁠-⁠learning courses are the result.


We build bridges between cultures. To this end, all elements of our e⁠-⁠learning courses are fully translated and adapted to the local culture. Only we do that.

Accessibility for all users

Our e⁠-⁠learning courses should be easy to find and use by everyone! That is why they are designed to be comletely barrier-free.

How the e-learnings are provided to you

Does your company have its own Learning Management System (LMS)? Then we can easily deliver the e-trainings as score formats 24/7 via our delivery platform. Your company does not have an LMS? No problem! Alternatively, we provide the e-learnings via a cloud-based e-learning platform, our Online Academy. Intuitive and usable with a wide range of evaluation functions. Together we will find an ideal solution.

PINKTUM convinces with quality - in every respect!

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